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Why MyFnO ?
  • Loaded with F&O specific features

    - Alerts of FnO indicators %chgs combined with technicals
    - FnO parameters in Charts : oi,basis, iv, rolls, delivery etc.
    - Rankings (system-computed) & Trade-finding based on combination of technicals & FnO parameters
    - Option traders : PutCall graphs/ Chain / IV charts / Greeks
    - Strategy chooser / builder/ analyser / screener
    - Pairs Trading / Scanning
    - Posiiton Tracking/ Risk-analysis
    - Easy to analyse Summary across Markets / Sectors / AdvanceDeclines / Heatmap
    - Compare / Trends / Ranges / %Period chgs of not only Price, but even FnO Parameters like OI / basis / rolls / delivery , etc. Hard to find elsewhere ALL-IN-ONE platform !
  • Just using Technicals is not enough ! Add a new dimension

    Where do you think the experts get that extra-edge from ? They use FnO parameters like Open Interest, PutCall ratio, IV, Premium/Disc , Rollovers & even Delivery data for their analysis & combine them to see the overall big picture
    Be one step ahead from the herd. Join the smart Club !
  • Be your own trusted advisor.

    Tired of those "tips" going wrong so many times ? Now you have the tools to research for yourself & be more confident of a trade even if it is recommended by someone else. Now, you can just do it yourself
  • Finding that winning trade is now easier.

    Let the software do the scanning & ranking for you, spotting indicators/ market movements / alerts . And you can just do the last-leg filter easily to suit your preferences. Or go full-throttle with all the tools to go in-depth & start from the core roots. From beginners to experts . Its one for all !
  • It's anytime, anywhere, anydevice. Simply ZERO installation.

    you're not limited to using the software just on your PC , you can use it on any modern browser, any device , anytime, anywhere, on work, at home or on the road. No downloads / installations / updates / patches / configurations or crazy maintenance. It is just not for you. Ideas don't see time & place, they just come. just be ready when they do! You focus on ideas, leave the techie stuff for us
  • Simple, Clean, & Fun to use!

    It's beauty with brains. Well, we strive very hard to get the best product out there with all the richness of ease as well as usability. We use it ourselves, so we'd like to make it more beautiful to use. Everyday . We love it when customers say Wow !
  • We've been here from the beginning of F&O

    Since the inception of Derivatives in India, we've been here and have seen it all ... highs & lows.. & feel the crux of the derivatives market, and continuously re-invent our work to make it suit the ever-changing dynamics of the game Trusted by almost over 80 institutions & 5000 people
  • We use it too !

    We build something only which we feel can be useful & easy & fun to use. Everyday in every way . We first do it for ourselves, so we know how our customers would feel when they use it. If we are not our first customer, no one else will be!
  • U Learn while you earn

    We believe sharing knowledge can only help grow what we already know. Along the way we will aspire to add more & more articles / case studies on our to assist people even better on how to get best use of the web-app. And encourage people to submit their ideas / comments / suggestions / articles. So the whole community grows for the better
  • 17+ years
  • 100+ brokers/ institutions
  • 10000+ users
  • 100% web-app
  • ZEROinstallation
  • 5 pricing plans
  • 8+F&O parameters
  • 30+modules